About Us

Christine Adams and Zoë Hewetson

Christine and Zoë are both members of aiic, are working interpreters who ran the University of Westminster MA, Conference Interpreting and the short courses for interpreters with English B held on its premises for the European Institutions and for students from schools that were members of the European Masters in Conference Interpreting.  They have been running their own short courses for colleagues with English B since the summer of 2014.  They organise the six-day courses and attend all of the interpreting practice session to provide comments, feedback and pointers.

Tim Birkett

Tim is an experienced voice and accent coach and teaches phonetics and accents on the MA Voice Studies programme at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.  Besides working with actors, he has worked with business people, lawyers and interpreters.  He will be focusing on the clarity of your spoken English, ensuring that the message is clearly conveyed to the listener.  Aspects such as diction, intonation and stress will be addressed.  Hopefully, there will be some time to address individual issues relating to vocal use and maintenance, should they arise.

Rob Williams

Rob is course leader of the MA International Liaison and Communication at the University of Westminster and taught language enhancement for English B on the MA Conference Interpreting and at ESIT, Paris. He has also worked with business people on presentation techniques and how to use language effectively in negotiation. He will be looking at speeches from a discourse perspective and focusing on automaticity and spontaneity in creating authentic spoken discourse in a range of conference contexts. Sessions will be practical and primarily oriented towards participant creativity.